Systematic reviews can be time consuming, logistically challenging and labour intensive. These and other challenges have led to the development of various special-purpose software tools to support the systematic review production process. Such tools extend beyond the scope of more established general-purpose systems (e.g. reference managers, word processors and spreadsheet packages), which are already in wide use and, instead, aim to provide tailored support for particular review activities or the whole systematic review production process.

This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about special-purpose software tools currently available to support systematic reviews and to share experiences of using software in practice. The workshop will examine and provide hands-on with both commercial and not-for-profit systematic review management packages (including Covidence, DistillerSR and EPPI-Reviewer), as well as a range of free and commercial tools to tackle single tasks within the systematic review process (such as Rayyan, RobotReviewer and SWIFT-Review). The workshop will be led by Dr Chris Marshall, the editor and developer of a community-driven web-based catalogue of systematic review tools, the Systematic Review Toolbox.

This workshop complements our Advanced Search Techniques For Systematic Reviews, Health Technology Assessment and Guideline Development Training course and the Advanced Search Strategy Design for Complex Topics: Strategy Development, Text Analytics and Text Mining course.

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Targeted audience:

    • Researchers involved in producing systematic reviews;
    • Individuals providing infrastructure support to the production of systematic reviews.
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Intended Learning Outcomes:

      • An understanding of the various challenges associated with undertaking a systematic review;
      • An awareness of different types of software tools currently available to support systematic reviews and the tasks within a systematic review.

By the end of the workshops, participants will:

        • Be aware of different types of software tools currently available to support systematic reviews and the tasks within a systematic review;
        • Understand the differences between selected systematic review management packages;
        • Know where to seek current information on software tools for systematic reviews.

Course Details

Date: TBD.
Courses also run on-demand for large groups
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Registration fee includes tea and coffee, lunch and course documentation.

The workshop will consist of presentations and group work with Chris Marshall, Julie Glanville (Associate Director at YHEC), Rachael McCool (Project Director at YHEC), Hannah Wood (Senior Information Specialist at YHEC), Mick Arber (Senior Information Specialist at YHEC) and Mary Thew (Trainee Reviewer at YHEC).

This course will be held at the University of York, Heslington, York YO10 5DD.
For more information about this course, email or telephone +44 (0)1904 323204.

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